Dumerils Boa

Dumeril’s Boa
Boa Dumerili

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Family: Boidae
Subfamily: Boinae

The Dumerils Boa is a truely beautiful snake, and due to their relatively small size (they tend to be a little smaller than Boa Constrictors), ease of breeding, and docile nature, they are very popular pets.

Growth and longevity

Adult Dumeril’s Boas tend to reach around 6.5 feet (2m) in length.  They tend to be a similar size and build to the Brazilian Rainbow Boa, but have very different care requirements and due to their docile nature and tolerance to handling they tend to make much better pets.  Males are generally a little smaller than the females, with slightly longer, flatter tails.  Newborns are 12 to 18 inches (30 – 45cm) in length.


Young snakes can be fed on fuzzy mice weekly.  The prey size should be increased as the boa grows, never exceding the girth of the snake.  Adult specimens being fed on large rats or rabbits can be fed less often, once every 10 – 14 days is adequate.


A boa vivarium of approximately 6′ length by 2′ width would be a minimum suitable for an adult Dumeril boa.  They are a terrestrial species although branches should be provided as they will climb on occassion and will sometimes hunt from the trees in the wild.

Housing, heating, lighting and water requirements are per for Boa Constrictor, except that the Dumerils boa requires a higher humidity and so a wet hide filled with damp moss should be provided and changed regularly, and the enclosure should be misted with water, especially when the snake is shedding.

Handling your Boa Dumerils

Given time, patience, and regular handling the Dumerils boa will become quite tame.  As with all snakes, take things slowly at first and never handle after feeding when your hands smell of prey, or you are asking for trouble!

Breeding, and health issues.

The Dumerils Boa breeds well in captivity.  Breeding and health issues are beyond the scope of this caresheet.  Please check the other sections of this web site.

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